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We've done a lot of reno's to our house in the last few years... but our master bedroom has taken a backseat. After doing some searching i've found one or two ( or fifty) ideas that I LOVE!!!

I love teal/turquoise accents, with the white and the hardwood.
Tho this one with carpet seems more cozy than the hardwood. Im digging the curtains
 I love the feel of this one. So warm and inviting. Having an area to read and relax in sounds dreamy.
 Again, this colour, LOVE!
I haven't been fortunate enough to find a mirror like this, but i'm looking. Such a simple but elegant piece to add to a master bedroom.
Our room is similar to this. I love the different end tables. The mirror and chandelier add a feminine touch, but not too much that my husband would feel out of place. Very well balanced. 

And lets just play pretend with this closet. A girl can dream *wipesdrooloffchin*

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